How Nita’s parents met is like a story from a fairytale. A young man from New Delhi decided to start studies in the capital of Russia. Wonderful Moscow had many interesting opportunities, but the student still kept connection with his own home country. One day he decided to attend an event that took place in Embassy of India in Moscow. Local people interested in Indian culture were performing different songs and dances. The student from New Delhi was enjoying the show, when suddenly one beautiful Russian girl caught his eyes. It was love from the first sight.


He was so into her that already on the day they first met, he told his friends pointing on the girl: “Do you see this beauty? She will be my wife“. He wasn’t wrong. A year passed and the couple married. The most important character in our story Nita Kuzmina was born on the 10th of November, 1992 in Moscow.


In childhood, Nita was no different from many other Russian girls. She studied good, but in older classes she had friends that could be called „bad influence“. Despite everything, young Kuzmina had a big dream — to become a model. After the high school graduation, she went to college for a psychology degree. During her studies, Nita tried to be noticed and make her dreams come true. She failed. Nita got some attention with her tasteless and revealing photoshoots, but these were not enough to gain fame. After unsuccessful attempts to become a model, she decided to take a vacation in Mexico. Not the usual one of course. The reality show “Kanikuly v Meksike” made her known for wider audience, not only in Russia but in Ukraine, Belarus, Baltics and other countries, where show was broadcasted.


After getting known, she continued her career as VIP escort-model. When all other girls deny the first part of that occupation, then Nita as a confident woman doesn’t think that it is something to be ashamed of. She wants to be talked about and it does not matter if it is something good or bad. The most important is to be in the centre of scandals and intrigues!


You have to admit – it is rare, when famous Insta-beauties have guts to tell the truth. Other stars fill themselves with hyaloronic acid, get surgeries done and overall look faker than a Barbie doll, while they keep telling that they avoid surgeon’s office like a fire. Nita on the other hand honestly admits: yes, I wasn’t pleased with my looks, I wanted a change and I went for it.

Horrible blond hair left in her teen years, she started creating her best self with working out. Gym was her everyday destination and she didn’t have to wait for the results long. That was not enough for her. She looked for some help in plastic surgery and took “the classic Russian packet”.

Nita used to have wider nose with slightly bent down tip, but the plastic surgeon of Russia’s creme de la creme Tigran Aleksanyan helped her out and made her a perfect nose that is slimmer, smaller, straighter and overall more feminine.

Thanks to her Indian roots, she already was blessed with luscious lips. But as we already have realised: Nita doesn’t settle for less. Lip injections are part of her beauty routine.

To get perfect feminine curves, she again went to the plastic surgeon. She is sure that going up one or two sizes is normal. More than that is already nonsense. Her own breasts were enlargened two sizes.

In addition to working out, surgery, and different beauty procedures, she loves face massage in order to keep her face and neck young.

But now, take a look, how she looked before:

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